Why buying and living in Michigan is a good ideal!

Here are some great things to consider if looking to invest in foreclosure real estate or living in a home at a good price or buying and selling to make a profit in real estate investing.

You can experience all 4 seasons in one state without having to fly anywhere.  

If you live in Michigan it is very easy to show and tell someone where you live. Hint…use the palm of your hand and point to it.

Some counties in Michigan like Oakland county have lots and lots of lakes and rivers if your into such things. I forget the actual distance but it’s something like anywhere you stand in Oakland county Michigan you are less than 3 miles from water.

Beautiful scenery!!! From all the lakes and rivers to the great lakes, sand dunes that offer beautiful sites when standing atop them and mountains and waterfalls.

Beautiful areas to go skiing in the winter (or the summer) and fantastic snowboarding.

Since its pretty much winter six months out of the year, you’ll always have plenty of time to ski.

You’ll have something to do year-round, whether it’s kayaking (picture above, taken on Lake Superior), fishing, rafting, or even rock climbing.

 Sunbathing in the summer is totally acceptable, despite what the temperature says.

We’re home to world Coney’s from either Detroit or Flint or famous fried chicken from a area called Frankenmuth which is just north of Flint Michigan.

Michigan is also known for its fantastic fudge from Mackinac island. Which is also a beautiful place to visit and go sightseeing.  Mackinac Island it a Historic landmark which is different from a lot of others being that it doesn’t allow any motor vehicles. Most people rent bikes to get around the area.

Our state also has a smaller 2nd state connected by on of the largest suspension bridges in the world this smaller 2nd state is called the U.P or upper peninsula and the people who live there are also called yoopers.

Some of the best cereal ever made is make right here in Michigan at a place you may have heard of called Kellogg’s.

Great sports teams… Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Redwings, Detroit Tigers or some great college teams U of M university of Michigan and the Spartans Michigan State

We have a great music history with the fantastic sounds of Motown music and artists like Steve Wonder, Michael Jackson, the Supremes, Diana Ross and others.